The Railway Expert



GATES PCM Construction is a local leader in the Singapore railway industry. Having been part of the industry for the last 22 years, the company is powered by decades of experience within its ranks. Using the weight of such history as the foundation of its growth, GATES PCM Construction Ltd has been moving forward from strength to strength, achieving great feats in every aspect of business.

Despite having started small as a sub-contractor on railway new-built projects back in year 2000, the company has become the leading local player in several aspects of the local railway industry. Such growth would not have been possible if not for the firm set-up of the company’s foundations in terms of finance, operations, investment in innovation and technology as well as human resource management. These deep roots have allowed for exponential growth over the last 22 years that have led to several milestone achievements.

Today, the train of GATES PCM Construction Ltd has six major carriages of services that showcase its all-rounded expertise in the railway industry. Having started with new-built projects, the company has continued to cement its brand name in the market as a trusted new-built contractor which can deliver projects on time, with high quality. This strong brand name has allowed the company to be involved in very new-built railway project since the Circle Line Project that started in 2004. Today the company has also added the design function into their repertoire, making themselves able to handle the complete scope of a new railway build project. This design and build carriage is a giant step forward in the railway expertise of GATES PCM Construction Limited.


Laying Solid Foundations

The seeds for GATES PCM CONSTRUCTION LTD, were sown as early as 1983, when CEO & FOUNDER Mr Krishna, founded his first Piling & Civil engineering company known as Denwick Piling & Civil Engineering. Having worked on projects locally in Singapore and regionally in countries like Malaysia and Sri Lanka, the company and its management had garnered much experience and expertise in not just piling works, but also a variety of construction works that included those in the railway industry locally and regionally. In 2000, with an abundance of opportunities emerging in the railway construction sector, Denwick found it to be the right time to change tracks and focus on the railway construction sector. It re-branded itself as GATES PCM CONSTRUCTION LTD and forged to become a specialist in railway projects.

Since the birth of GATES PCM CONSTRUCTION LTD, the company has transformed itself from a firm dealing in Civil Engineering works & manpower resource management to become a sub-contractor in major railway projects such as the Circle Line project, Downtown Line 1, 2 & 3. In recent times, with its staff gaining more experience in railway linking and laying works, it has further diversified its capabilities to handle track maintenance works as well. With the solid foundations that GATES PCM CONSTRUCTION LTD built under its long history in the construction and railway industries, the company has found the courage to move forward from strength to strength and the tenacity to take adversity in its stride.

The Right Track

Today GATES PCM CONSTRUCTION LTD hires over 500 employees, most of who make up the experienced and skilled manpower pool that engage in on-site works. The company cares for this manpower pool by providing them with the best possible accommodation, provisions, welfare, food, and transportation. In turn, this workforce has assisted the company to excel in its railway track laying and linking works and at the same time, make in-roads into track maintenance works as well. GATES PCM CONSTRUCTION currently works with both major train operators in Singapore to conduct track maintenance in order for Singapore’s biggest mode of public transportation to engage efficiently. GATES PCM CONSTRUCTION LTD has also started work on its expansion plans to make inroads into regional countries such as Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia.

More than just securing and completing large scale projects, the company has worked on building a strong brand in the eyes of clients and publics. Its efforts have allowed for the awarding of local awards such as the Singapore Brands Award and SME Top 100 Award and also regional awards like the Asia-Pacific Entrepreneurship Award for outstanding entrepreneurship.

Business Philosophy

  • The Gates Culture

    We are the GATES Family. Period.

  • Values

    Punctuality, Approachable, Professional, Growth, Teamwork

  • Our Mission

    To consistently challenge ourselves in order to achieve continual growth and service excellence by promoting the virtues of unity, punctuality, approachability and professionalism, so as to reap both tangible and intangible benefits for all stakeholders.

  • Our Vision

    To begin with an end in mind, in order to stay on track in building our future.

  • Motto

    On Track Always

Our Management

Mr. Kitnasamy s/o Marudapan (Krishna)

Founder & CEO

Mr. Ryusuke Sakamoto


Mr. Junji Kawasaki


Mr. Shintaro Takayanagi


Mr. Vignesh Partheeban

Director / Project Manager