About Us

GATES PCM Construction Ltd is one of Singapore’s elite railway specialists, providing first-class service in the fields of new-build track works, railway maintenance works and the supply of specialized track tools and equipment. Boasting a wealth of experience in the domestic market, they are responsible for a large portion of the country’s vital railway infrastructure and are well on their way to establishing their presence as a major player in surrounding regions.

The company was initially formed by CEO and Founding Chairman, Mr. Krishna in 1983 as Denwick Piling & Civil Engineering, a Piling & Civil engineering company. Under that name, they completed a number of projects both locally and abroad covering a range of construction works extending beyond piling.

During the 1997 Asian financial crisis, Denwick Piling & Civil Engineering looked into the possibility of “switching tracks” to capitalize on the growing number of opportunities that were developing in the railway construction industry. In 2000, the company officially crossed over into its current area of expertise and was renamed GATES PCM Construction Ltd.

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